Amie B: Mardi Gras and St. Paddy’s Day

For Mardi Gras, we attended the city’s largest indoor bar crawl at Navy Pier! This was a perfect way to crawl because—as I have been so subtly hinting in my blog posts—it is cold here. So being able to go from bar to bar without having to go outside is perfect! Ibie found us tickets on Groupon for $9 each, which covered admission and came with two free drink tokens.


Ibie and I celebrating Mardi Gras

It felt more like a really fun football tailgate than the bead throwing crazy Carnival of New Orleans. With thousands of people and DJs, corn-whole, and beer pong there was plenty to do and see. We moseyed around the bars in the mall for the first few hours. Each place had food and drink specials to fit the occasion. Then we discovered that one of the cruise ships was docked and had two dance floors! Quickly we boarded the ship and spent the rest of the night dancing in the floating club.

Most recently, I celebrated one of Chicago’s favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  I started the morning at 8 am by meeting my friend for breakfast at Yolk (a fun breakfast chain in the city). She is a nurse who works nights and she just got off a 12-hour shift, but couldn’t miss out on the festivities. So we got a quick breakfast before she conked out for the day.

Meghan enjoying her trip to Chicago

Meghan enjoying her trip to Chicago

After breakfast, one of my friends from out-town came straight from the airport at 10 am to meet me for the next round of fun. She flew out especially early to be able to partake in the St. Paddy’s day fun. We dropped her bags off at my apartment, had a quick mimosa, and headed to another friend’s for brunch. There, we hung out and ate green pancakes.

Erin and I in front of the river

Erin and I in front of the river

Together, we strolled down Michigan Avenue to go see the Chicago River because the city dyes it green every year. I am always so surprised at how vibrantly green they can get it. After taking our pictures, we headed to Lizzie McNeil’s, an Irish pub that installed huge tents to accommodate all the extra people. After a few hours there we went back to my apartment to make dinner and warm up. Then we headed back out to the bars (in the snow) to have a beer before finally calling it a night.

Just a testament to how law students can still be fun and have a life outside of the books.

Questions for Amie? Email law-admissions [at] luc [dot] edu with the subject “Ask Amie” and she will make sure to answer them.


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