1L Experience: My first Chicago Deli!

Towards the end of November, my classmates and I started feeling the impending stress of finals. Thanksgiving was quickly approaching and classes were winding down. Snow had fallen and the Starbucks cups had turned red and winter-themed. Despite the nervous energy all around and the looming crunch-time ahead, a few of my Chicago-native friends from my section decided to take me to a traditional deli called Manny’s.

This place was awesome. As soon as we arrived, all signs pointed to delicious- a line out the door, crowded tables, and the comforting smell of Jewish cooking! Having moved here from California, I had heard that this place was legendary, so I was happy to experience another Chicago must-see destination for the first time since before the semester started.

gail chicago deli

It was so nice to see a different part of the city and to be reminded of the joy that a well-cooked meal can bring to the rollercoaster ride that is 1L! It was so nice to explore something new with the close friends that I have made here at Loyola. As for my lunch, I chose matzo ball soup, a turkey sandwich, and potato latkes. Needless to say, I highly recommend Manny’s!

Gail, 1L
Student Ambassador



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